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Alberta's Top Young Innovators is a competition that celebrates, recognizes and awards new talent working on startups or innovative business projects of any discipline. 

The event successfully launched in 2016, and after a hiatus, the core team decided to bring it back and make it much bigger and better at every level. To tackle the project and its scaled ambition, it was necessary to create not only a new platform that could facilitate the whole process and communicate the entire initiative, but also a new visual identity that could embody the vision, mission, values and objectives of the brand.


Although the brand already had some previous public recognition, a serious modern facelift was required. The new logo needed to further appeal to younger audiences, communicate a more dynamic idea of moving forward, include a concept of rising to the top, and represent innovation at its core


This is the story of how the brand was created step by step. And this is the final branding manual.

Old Logo:

ABTYI old logo.jpeg
ABTYI Vertical Logo aligning.png

New Logo


Their previous website was done in wordpress but the lack of easy design capabilities, the constant need to update plugins, and the complicated content management system, made it necessary to re-develop the whole website on Wix.

wix logo.png
  • Graphic Design

  • Contact forms

  • SEO tagging

  • Content structure


The website needed imagery that could support and play with the new branding, easy ways to connect with different types of stakeholders, and most importantly, it needed to communicate clearly all the aspects of the program for all the types of audiences.

The images had to be clean in order to be displayed on a white canvas, and ultimately communicate ‘innovation’ through the concept of an ‘idea being born’. The images also had to be consistent and cohesive with the branding by including the color gradient and the connection of smaller parts to create a bigger entity. Here are some of them:

In order to Launch the whole project some Social Media Banners were designed:

ABTYI Social Media Banners - Facebook.png


ABTYI Social Media Banners - Instagram.png


ABTYI Social Media Banners - Linkedin.png


The next steps will involve a social media strategy to clearly communicate with target audiences, gain and maintain following, and connect genuinely with their community of innovators.

Other Projects
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Online Marketing Strategy


Online Ad Strategy

Social Media Strategy

SEO & Keyword Research


Web & Graphic Design


Social Media Content



Website Admin

Online Ad Campaigns

Social Media Accounts

KPI Reporting & Analysis 

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