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FANCYFOXX LOGO - White (500x250)-10.png

FancyFoxx Music is a record label that releases house music and they needed a brand that could represent modern high quality house music, and a logo symbol that could be used alone on different pieces.

They started releasing music in 2018 and wanted to engage young music lovers to start growing a following base. An awareness campaign was developed with the concept of not taking life too seriously through real life music moments.

FancyFoxx music is now preparing to take the next step to become a bigger label with a bigger artist roaster, so they needed to start defining their signature artwork for future releases. The idea was to keep the consistency around their logo symbol, but with the flexibility of different backgrounds depending on the artist and/or song of each release.

To distribute their music and increase the value of their reach, FancyFoxx started a few Spotify playlists to feature their artists.

Their next step is to create a social media strategy that can help them reach more people with their music, but that part of the story is yet to come!

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