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Finish Better Music is a mentoring program for electronic music producers. They started doing one on one mentorships and eventually wanted to expand their reach by going online.

The learning platform had to be created first to have some initial testimonials for the program, and had to be done with the lowest cost possible so it could be sustainable during the trial period. So Wordpress was the tool of choice to make it happen.


  • Login & membership module

  • Video Management with Vimeo. 

  • Feedback and homework forms.

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After the learning platform was working and had students using it successfully, a brand had to be defined in order to push the program publicly. 

FBM LOGO 2.0.png
FBM Learning Center.png
  • Young and happy concept

  • Font with a sense of movement

  • Uplifting color scheme

  • The symbols refer to music playback controls

The commercial website had to include a few different features to make the strategy work: A clear way to apply to the program, free relevant content to engage potential customers and capture their email, an email marketing strategy running automatically in the back end, and of course a clear explanation of the entire offer.


wix logo.png
  • Application form

  • Free content

  • Email capture

  • Email marketing strategy

Their Call-To-Action had to be clear and consistent around the whole website in order to increase the amount of applicants, but it also had to be fun so people would really want to click on it and feel like something fun is about to happen. Go ahead, hover over it ;)


Breakdown video

Bass House Breakdown Video.png


Sample Pack

Finish Better Music Sample Pack.png



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Free samples pack download.png

The email capture strategy was key to grow their sales, so free resources were made available to engage the traffic coming into the website. Each type of free content had a specific design and a customized form.


Each email captured goes directly to the database and gets automatically categorized for future newsletters and email blasts.

Once the form is filled and set, the user receives an automatic email with the appropriate link, and gets immediately redirected to a page where the content can be watched or downloaded.

Finally, when an email enters the database for the first time, a chain gets triggered and the user receives a number of automatic messages with other resources to nurture the relationship.

Among other graphic pieces, FBM needed to explain graphically the advantages of taking their program vs a DYI approach, so an infographic was necessary to convey the message in a practical visual way.

This story is still happening, and now the next challenge is to put a Social Media strategy in place to expand their messaging even further. So, stay tuned!

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