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MonkeyTwerk is a DJ couple with a vibrant colorful essence and a big focus on not taking things too seriously. They needed to renew their online presence, and the first step was rebranding.

MT Logo 2020-Black.png
MT Logo 2020-COLOR-BLACK.png
MT Logo 2020-COLOR.png

To showcase their experience as performers, a video was made out of different clips from previous shows.


Before festival season, MonkeyTwerk needed to connect with fans beyond their music in order to increase brand awareness and fan loyalty. So an online store was required to take their brand into the physical world and their message into the dancefloor.

The store was up and running and now needed some merch, so different pieces were created with different messages that would support the values of the brand: Party and good vibes.

In order to support the music release of their EP,"Burgers & Fries" a new collection was created. 

In preparation for festival season a few different summer collections were created that included male and female clothing items, plus a few accessories:

By connecting their store to their social media, they made their fashion an important part of all their content promotion, their shows, and their music releases.

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