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NEON COAST is a creative studio based in Vancouver, Canada, that focuses in branding, online marketing, web design, and graphic design. Besides needing their core services, many of their clients needed support with social media management, but their hands were too full to take care of it all so they had to outsource it.

The social media management package includes targeting followers on Instagram, creating content to post, scheduling posts on IG and FB, and interacting through likes and comments.


Each account has a different focus, and therefore each group of followers are different. So, a targeted  approach to specific types of users is necessary to find and acquired relevant followers for each of them. Within 4 months, Mountain West Studios and Friends Of Downtown increased their followers count in over 45%, Massage Shop went from zero to over 900 followers, and Zipstall from zero to over 600. Beaumont Studios grew above 35% in just three months. The numbers will of course keep rising with targeted followers that are really interested in the content provided by each specific account.


Continuous and relevant content is necessary to keep followers engaged and the account active. Images, videos and copywriting have to be sourced or created daily, and adapted to the branding style of the account to keep the content consistent and relevant.  The following carrousel showcases examples of content created for the different accounts that have been managed for NEON Coast.


Once the content is created and scheduled to be posted, the focus shifts towards interacting with the followers that are engaged so we can start building community and strengthening brand presence.

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